Material Types

CMU Block for facing or veneer of outdoor firepits the most common materials are brick, manmade stone, natural stone, stucco, concrete and flagstone. All these materials are durable outdoors and will hold up to the heat the fire produces.


Check local codes
Be sure to check any State, Local, or HOA codes and restrictions for an outdoor firepit.

Create a Design
determine width, length, depth, and height of firepit. Also decide if your firepit will be wood burning or gas-lit.

Build a foundation
If your home doesn’t already offer a safe, flat area with a concrete slab, create one

Build a Firepit
CMU Block then veneer
Step 5: Add Firepit Features and Caps
fire ring, key, straight chrome key valve, 1/2″x24″ antiwhistle flex connector, volcanic stone, black lava nuggets, pipe fittings etc

Care and Maintenance

Gas fire pit
Although gas fire pits are low-maintenance and easy to operate they do require some cleaning in regards to the burner and the gas lines.

1.Keep the burners clean so that gas can properly flow through the burner.

2.Check the gas lines regularly for safety and proper operation.