Outdoor Kitchen

Material Types

CMU Block, for facing outdoor kitchen the most common materials are brick, manmade stone, natural stone, stucco, and concrete. All these materials are durable outdoors and will hold up to the heat the fire produces.


Check local codes.
Be sure to check any State, Local, or HOA codes and restrictions for an outdoor fireplace.

Create a Design
determine width, length, depth, and height of outdoor kitchen.

Build a foundation
If your home does not already offer a safe, flat area with a concrete slab, create one.

Build the frame
Start by framing the desire figure of the outdoor kitchen. Lay blocks and rebar.

Add Venner
Add the corresponding venner such as brick, stone stucco etc.
Install Appliances
Install appliances such us grill, cabinets, doors,

Install countertop.
Install concrete countertop or granite depends on selection.

Final Step:
Add the finishing touches.